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Thursday, July 27th, 2017
Is the Real Lifetime Cost of Your Current Tank Monitoring Solution Too High?

Realistic cost estimates are cornerstones of smart investments. However, estimating the lifetime cost of remote tank monitoring is not easy. Even if your company is already benefiting from remote tank monitoring, it is important to understand the related lifetime costs. And the reality is, some systems are costlier over their lifetime than others. Enevo has made it a mission to minimize total costs over time while providing a system that delivers superior service.

Santie Wholesale Oil Company is a lubricants distribution firm that services a large geographical area. Santie experienced challenges with installation, short battery life and maintenance with remote monitoring systems the company used previously.

“We were actually on a remote monitoring system, actually a couple of them. So that automatically made us better. But from an efficiency standpoint on the service side, that’s where we were losing so much time. Having to go out and work on them. When you had to install them, it was a process,” said Robbie Sims, Santie General Manager.

A remote tank monitoring solution typically includes both hardware and software components along with one-time purchases and recurring service fees. Setup, maintenance and support of most solutions incur significant indirect costs. The impact can mean your investment swells with unexpected delays and costs. In some cases, surprises occur in system deployment, maintenance and training.

Wireless tank monitoring is typically deployed to remote locations to minimize the costliest site visits. As a result, any sensor maintenance runs – typically for battery replacement – come with a hefty price tag. In addition, installation work requiring trained technicians makes deploying news sensors all but affordable. Finally, difficult to use software can further increase your time to value and introduce additional training costs.

Santie changed to the Enevo system in 2017, after putting it through a test process.

“We took the monitor and put it in a terrible location picked for it to fail. I mean, I wanted to see if it would fail. Because I knew that if it worked there, it would work everywhere else. And it did great,” Sims said. “We never missed a reading. It was always accurate, I mean within a gallon or two. And we never serviced it.”

The company has been pleased with the ease of installation, the efficiency Enevo has delivered and improved service.

“It’s night and day. It really is. Enevo cured that problem for us. And that was an issue,” Sims said. “It’s reliable. We don’t have to go out and change the monitor or change the battery. We haven’t had to service them like we’ve had to service the other ones.”

This video shows more of their experiences.

At Enevo, we believe a well-designed product should come with transparent life cycle costs. The a simple setup, low maintenance, long battery life and support of our service all help in eliminating surprise costs while maximizing the value you get as our customers. For more information on Enevo, see www.husky.com/enevo.com or call Joe Laschke at +1-(636)-388-5055.”

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