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Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024
Katie Sutcliffe Becker Receives 2024 St. Louis Business Journal Corporate Counsel Award

Katie Sutcliffe Becker, In House Counsel at Husky Corporation, has been recognized by the St. Louis Business Journal with a 2024 Corporate Counsel Award. Katie is one of 10 recipients, who were selected with the help of a group of Association of Corporate Counsel members along with the Business Journal’s editorial team. This recognition highlights her contributions to the field of corporate law and her role within the organization. This acknowledgment underscores her significant contributions and steadfast commitment to navigating the complexities of Husky’s industries.

Katie’s journey into corporate law began with a background deeply rooted in the family business, where she gained firsthand experience about various legal matters. A graduate of the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law, she spent 15 years refining her skills in the bankruptcy group of an AmLaw 200 firm in Washington, DC before joining Husky Corporation in 2015. She represents the third generation of her family to being involved actively in the  company, which was started by her grandparents (Eugene and Hazel Sutcliffe) in 1947 and is currently led by her father G.G Sutcliffe.

A Journey of Dedication and Innovation

Katherine Sutcliffe is general counsel at Husky Corp. DILIP VISHWANAT | SLBJ

As the sole member of Husky’s legal department, Katie navigates a wide array of legal matters, from individual disputes to policy crafting, ensuring the company’s legal framework remains robust and adaptable. Katie’s role has evolved beyond conventional legal boundaries, encompassing a diverse range of responsibilities within the organization. Her involvement in strategic endeavors, such as the acquisition of Husky’s latest product line, K100, underscores her proactive approach to decision-making.

Despite her pivotal role, Katie remains humble, acknowledging the collaborative efforts of her colleagues and executives within the organization. She attributes success to collective teamwork rather than individual accomplishments.

While Katie was in private practice in Washington D.C., she represented pro bono clients and was an active member of the Smithsonian Institution and National Zoo. She has also enjoyed supporting other organizations such as the National Cathedral and the Kennedy Center. Currently, Katie volunteers as a docent at the San Antonio Museum of Art, supports the St. Louis Art Museum, the Ballet Conservatory of South Texas, and is a Marlin Perkins member of the St. Louis Zoo.

Husky Corporation extends its sincere congratulations to Katie Sutcliffe on this well-deserved recognition. Her dedication, adaptability, and collaborative spirit embody the values that define the organization’s ethos.

The profiles of the 2024 Corporate Counsel Award honorees, including Katie Sutcliffe Becker, were featured in the March 22 issue of the St. Louis Business Journal.

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