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Monday, August 24th, 2015
Knowing How Much is Inside Nellie Bly’s Invention: The 55 Gallon Drum
It was a famous female journalist-turned-inventor who gets credit for creating something so widely used in many industries today. Nellie Bly, along with employee Henry Wehrhahn received patents in the early 1900’s that led to the modern 55-gallon steel drum. The American Oil and Gas Historical Society recounts how the invention solved a problem that plagued oil transportation in the early days; leaking wooden barrels. http://aoghs.org/transportation/nellie-bly-oil-drum/
But one problem, or at least challenge, has followed the 55 gallon drum since its invention. You can’t see how much fluid is in there. FNTM 55 Gallon Drum Gauge takes the guesswork out of it as the first drum gauge that tracks liquid level intervals in 55 gallon steel drums. FNTM measures oil, transmission fluid, anti-freeze and other liquids at intervals ranging from 95 percent of capacity down to five percent.

FNTM: Removing the Guesswork

The battery operated FNTM is in sleep mode until activated by someone touching either side of the device console. Capacitor technology then determines and displays the current liquid level inside the drum for 20 seconds. A siren activates when the fluid level falls below five percent of capacity. Three LEDs and an additional light at the top of the console illuminate, as constant indicators that action is required. The FNTM operates using standard AA batteries.

“The FNTM makes it possible to anticipate when 55 gallon drums will get low on fluid. The interval measurements prompt operators to take action to make sure they have inventory on hand to serve their customers,” said Roger Wiersma, BJE Product Engineer.
The FNTM is recommended for automotive repair facilities and other customers dispensing non-caustic liquids from 55 gallon steel drums that require more information than high or low level alarms provide.
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