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Wednesday, December 10th, 2014
New BJE Kaltey Commander Tank Controller Keeps the Heat On

The engineers of Husky Corporation and BJE know that saving time and recycling will also mean saving money. With the use of waste oil burners and tank controller monitoring systems, businesses have an excellent way to recycle waste oil. Waste oil furnaces reduce energy costs and eliminate expenses for shipping and proper disposal of used oil. Many industries, including service and fueling industries, rely on waste oil burners to heat their facilities, generate hot water, provide electricity and help the environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established rules that allow burning used oils for energy recovery. The regulations indicate that if the oil is acceptable, the emission will be acceptable. Meanwhile, each state has its own set of regulations on waste oil disposal. But waste oil burning can actually be considered to be a “new energy” source if the conversion takes place using an environmentally sound furnace. While this is efficient and environmentally friendly technology, it can take valuable time to monitor waste oil levels and refill furnaces as needed. 

The Kaltey Commander Tank Controller brings together technologies to eliminate manually monitoring and refilling day tanks that supply waste oil heaters with fuel. BJE engineers designed a float switch mechanism that alerts a control device when the day tank level is low. The design features visual and audible alarms to warn of potential problems and includes the ability to test the system for proper continuous operation. This saves valuable time for the business and frees up the crew to perform more important tasks. For more information about the BJE Kaltey Commander Tank Controller, visit: http://www.husky.com/bje/tank-monitors-gauges/kaltey-commander-tank-controller/

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