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Friday, May 31st, 2013
New DEF Nozzles Feature Polymer Design, Lightweight & Durable

PACIFIC, MO – Husky Corporation, the leader in developing innovative American-made fuel nozzles, safe-t-breaks, and accessories, introduces a state of the art DEF polymer nozzle for truck stop operators, fleet service facilities and vehicle service centers to dispense Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), also known as AdBlue.


The breakthrough addresses a need for the growing number of diesel powered vehicles required to use DEF/AdBlue. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates DEF for many diesel-powered over-the-road trucks, fleet vehicles, medium and heavy duty on-highway vehicles, light duty passenger vehicles or off-highway construction, agriculture equipment, and marine equipment. The urea-based fluid is added to diesel exhaust to reduce nitrogen dioxide emissions which EPA said contributes to smog, asthma, respiratory disease, and heart disease.

Husky’s Polymer DEF nozzle provides a great solution for dispensing DEF into vehicles. Weighing just over 1.5 pounds, the nozzle features a durable Acetal body and stainless steel spout. It easily surpasses laboratory tests for impact resistance and seal pressure. The suggested retail price for the Husky Polymer DEF nozzle is well below that of comparable models.

The Polymer DEF nozzle has many safety features found in Husky Corporation’s conventional models including an Automatic Shut-off system, unique Flo-Stop device that stops flow when the spout is above horizontal, and Husky’s patented Stream Shaper that prevents fluid splash-back. Plus the Husky Polymer DEF nozzle will also meet UL guidelines mandating that the valve opens against the flow.

“We have developed a Polymer DEF nozzle with all the basic safety features you would see in any conventional nozzle or in a stainless steel DEF nozzle. Plus it is much lighter in weight, easier to use, and costs a lot less,” said Roger Wiersma, Husky Corporation Product Engineer.

The Polymer DEF nozzle is a practical solution for retail truck stops that dispense high volumes of the fluid for over-the-road trucking customers. It is ideal for vehicle dealerships, repair shops, oil change facilities, fleet-service centers and other locations that regularly dispense DEF from bulk dispensers or above ground storage systems.

To learn more about the only lightweight DEF nozzle that delivers safety, durability and low cost visit http://www.husky.com/husky/def-nozzles/husky-def-polymer/ or contact Husky Corporation toll-free at 800-325-3558 for more information.

About Husky: A Breed Apart
For 65 years, Husky Corporation has served as a trustworthy guide, developing breakthrough, American-made fuel nozzles, safe-t-breaks, and accessories, plus relentlessly providing the most dependable customer service in the industry. Headquartered in Pacific, Missouri (in the metro St. Louis area), Husky is committed to provide petroleum-dispensing products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and reinforce the fact that we are a reliable partner that is with our valued clients every step of the way. Husky continues to grow its reputation as a special-breed innovator with an acquisition strategy designed to add more products and services worthy of the Husky name. In addition to our legendary line of nozzles for vapor recovery, conventional fueling, truck and high volume, farm and commercial, and convenience stores, we now feature curb and farm hoses, oil lube products, plus aviation hoses.

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