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Thursday, December 5th, 2013
New Flexible Loading Arm Makes Chemical Transfers Simple

Pacific, MO) – Hewitt, a leading manufacturer of aviation fueling products, hoses, and accessories, will showcase the SGA Loading Arm at the 2013 ChemShow in New York City’s Javits Center December 10-12. The SGA Loading Arm, offered by Germany’s Roman Seliger company, delivers unprecedented flexibility for bulk chemical transfers between stationary facilities and mobile units.

SGA Loading Arm

Hewitt is the authorized U.S. representative for Roman Seliger SGA Loading arms and couplings. The SGA Loading Arm features a flexible joint mechanism that is simple to install and easier to operate than expensive fixed swivel systems currently used by chemical and pharmaceutical companies to load or unload tank wagons, trucks, containers, ships or aircraft.

Using the SGA Loading Arm, chemical hoses rest on top a series of stainless steel frame segments connected by maintenance free swivels. Operators navigate the SGA Loading Arm easily into position for top loading, bottom loading or floor loading applications. The SGA Loading Arm design eliminates hose damage, reduces maintenance requirements, and meets the highest standards for operator safety.

Click the link to watch a Roman Seliger video demonstration of the SGA Loading Arm.

Roman Seliger Video

“Fixed swivel systems simply do not offer the flexibility, ease of use, durability and cost-savings of the Roman Seliger SGA Loading Arm. It is designed for any kind of chemical and is suitable for all hose-types,” said Brad Baker, Executive Vice President of Hewitt, a division of Husky Corporation. “This loading arm, when combined with high quality Hewitt hose, is a low cost alternative for bulk chemical and gas transfers.”

A single operator can safely maneuver the SGA Loading Arm and break away coupling into position. It can be customized to lengths between six and 20 feet and with specialty hose connectors for all applications.

About Hewitt, a Division of Husky Corporation – Hewitt is a leading manufacturer of aviation fueling products, specializing in the supply of qualified aviation hoses and accessories. Depend on Hewitt for high-performance solutions that serve the demanding public and private aviation industries. Hewitt is a division of Husky Corporation, the leading provider of American-made fuel nozzles, safe-t-breaks, accessories, oil filter crushers, tank-monitoring alarm systems used primarily in above ground storage tanks, and liquid level tank gauges. With headquarters and manufacturing operations in Pacific, Missouri (in the metro St. Louis area), Husky is a reliable partner with our valued customers every step of the way committed to providing petroleum-dispensing products that always exceed customer expectation.

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