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Wednesday, May 30th, 2018
New Manual Aviation Nozzle with Quick-Disconnect Option

The new Falcon line of manual nozzles, available from Hewitt, is specifically designed for business and private over-the-wing aviation fueling. Falcon comes with two spout-designs. One option features screw-in spouts. The other option features quick-disconnect spouts for easy checking of the 100-mesh filter or for applications where one must change from the duck bill spout to a round spout as is the case for helicopter fueling.

The latter option is unique to the Falcon when compared to other aviation nozzles in this category. When comparing nozzles, we believe the Falcon is a reasonably priced alternative to others you may have utilized, but one which features a tried and true Husky Corporation design.

For Jet applications, the Falcon comes with black anodized body and black hand guard wing protection. For Avfuel, the unit comes with a red anodized body and red hand guard wing protection. Every nozzle comes with swivel and either 1-1/4” or 1/2″ female inlet, ground cable, and spout dust cap protectors. Detailed information is available at this web page https://www.husky.com/hewitt/aviation-fueling-nozzles/falcon/

Whether your operation is looking at new fixed-tank fueling systems, considering replacement options for your existing fueling systems, or need nozzles for self-service jet fuel tank installations, consider the new Hewitt Falcon.

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