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Saturday, July 14th, 2018
New S.U.R.&R. Flaring Tool Nominated for Innovation Award

A new compact pistol grip flaring tool recently introduced by S.U.R.&R., a subsidiary of Husky Corporation, is in the running for a Professional Tool and Equipment News (PTEN) 2018 Innovation Award. The PFT409 is designed for single-person line flaring for brake and other automotive fluid line applications in tight spaces.

The PFT 409 was one of 142 productions in 27 categories nominated for recognition as innovative new products for the automotive aftermarket industry this year. Readers can learn about these products and even vote at https://www.vehicleservicepros.com/in-the-bay/tools-equipment/pten-innovation-awards. The PFT409 is number 152.

“The PFT409 is engineered so that one person can consistently create professional-grade flares, even while working in tight spaces on the vehicle. It’s easy on the hand and easy on the tech,” said Bob Joy, S.U.R.&R. National Sales Manager. “This eliminates problems with traditional flaring tools that, oftentimes, require two people to operate, are too bulky for tight spaces and produce inconsistent flares which adds labor and time to the job.”

Innovative Design for Creating Quality Flares

The PFT409 features a compact two-piece design. There is a heavy-duty hydraulic pistol grip handle that delivers 6,000 PSI of powerful crimping pressure and requires little effort to squeeze. A magnetic yoke holds the dies securely in place helping the installer avoid dropping the dies or mis-aligning the tubing during set-up. The yoke is attached to a secure-grip handle. The two pieces swivel together providing optimum control and positioning for on-vehicle flaring. For flaring off the vehicle, just remove the yoke handle and use the tool in a vice.

This short video demonstrates how this innovative flaring tool operates.

The PFT409 comes with all the punches and dies needed to create the most widely used SAE and DIN flares on S.U.R.&R. UltraBEND® (bendable, non-corrosive), steel or coated brake tubing. The tool will also create inverted flares for fuel, power steering and transmission lines.


· Sizes include 3/16”/4.75 mm, 1/4”/6 mm, 5/16”/8 mm, 3/8”/10 mm (single/double only)

· A detent ball on the hydraulic handle allows the punches to be changed quickly


· Sizes include 3/16”/4.75 mm, 1/4”/6 mm, 5/16”/8 mm, 3/8”/10 mm

· Die channels (3/16”/4.75 mm, 1/4”/6 mm sizes) are smooth to avoid tubing scarring
Grooved channels (5/16”/8 mm, 3/8”/10 mm sizes) are included for extra gripping

· Pins ensure accurate alignment of dies

· Magnetic yoke hold dies securely in place


· Brake flares: SAE Single (45° Bubble), SAE Double (45° Inverted), DIN Single (Mushroom)

· Additional inverted flares for fuel, power steering and transmission lines

“We believe service technicians will find that the PFT409 sets the benchmark for single-person, professional flaring both on and off the car,” Joy said. “It eliminates the common struggles of tool set-up, alignment and positioning experienced by techs every day so they can very quickly create high quality flares with confidence.”

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