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Friday, August 24th, 2018
One Million Views: Husky Corporation “How Nozzles Work” Youtube Video

Husky Corporation President Grenville Sutcliffe has devoted his career to growing and enhancing the business his parents started in 1947. The company has many innovations in the petroleum dispensing industry that consistently improve customer safety while also enhancing the fueling experience as much as possible.

He is also a great storyteller. A few years ago the company produced a short video with Mr. Sutcliffe explaining how fuel nozzles know when to automatically shut-off. In August 2018, the video had been viewed more than one million times.


Husky Corporation President Grenville Sutcliffe explains how gasoline fueling nozzles operate. He also explains many of safety features that Husky builds into fueling nozzles.

Thanks to the Internet’s capacity to make certain things “go viral” Mr. Sutcliffe’s explanation of how fuel nozzles evolved over time, using cut-away models as a visual aid, has proven more popular than could have been imagined. 
And thanks to Mr. Sutcliffe, we all now understand the intricate nature of an invention every motorist who fills up their fuel tank encounters!

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