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Nozzle Innovation Makes Precision Fueling Smooth and Easy

Husky’s New Tilt Poppet Provides Better Fuel Flow; To-the-Penny Dispensing

PACIFIC, MO (June 15, 2018) – Husky Corporation engineers have developed an enhancement for the fuel nozzle’s poppet valve which, in combination with the nozzle’s lever, controls the flow of fuel through the nozzle.

The innovation is called a Tilt Poppet (or tilt poppet skirt) which allows more precise fueling than the previous design. The Tilt Poppet is angled on one surface. The effect of this modification is that when the fuel lever is engaged, one side of the poppet valve seal moves before the other. Fuel therefore flows through the nozzle in a much more measured way; fueling can be started and stopped very smoothly for precise manual dispensing. A slimmed-down poppet skirt design also reduces the amount of back-pressure experienced when starting and stopping the fueling process.

“The previous poppet skirt operated by opening or closing the entire poppet valve seal at the same time. That situation made it difficult to start and stop fueling at the desired level,” said Husky Engineering Manager Zach Holcomb. “Having the angled poppet skirt allows the flow to ease through on one side of the poppet valve and dispense to the penny much more easily.”

This short video clip shows exactly how the Tilt Poppet® Video improves the fueling experience.

“We know that many customers want to spend an exact amount when fueling their vehicles. There are also applications around the world where full-service fuel attendants must put only the exact amount of fuel requested into customer tanks. The Tilt Poppet is ideal for those situations,” said Husky Corporation Executive Vice President Brad Baker. “We think the Tilt Poppet will make the fueling experience more pleasant for everyone thanks to its smooth and easy operation.”

The Husky Tilt Poppet will be an included feature of all the company’s fuel nozzle designs. Contact Husky at 800-325-3558 to learn more.