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Tuesday, June 20th, 2017
R & D, New Product Development, Continuous Improvement are Focus of New Engineering Manager

Husky Corporation has named Zach Holcomb to the position of Engineering Manager. Holcomb will be responsible for the company’s 13-member engineering team with a focus on research and development, product development, continuous improvement and product cost reduction.

Holcomb was promoted from his previous position as Product Design Engineer, where he helped develop new fuel dispensing industry products after joining Husky in 2014.

“Zach has exhibited natural leadership skills in his development work so tagging him for expanded responsibilities was a natural,” said Husky Executive Vice President Brad Baker. “He has done a great job focusing on the needs of internal and external customers with his approach to product design. Husky needed an engineering manager to handle all the technical details and inspire others to greater levels of performance.”

Holcomb holds a BSME degree in Combustion Engines/Controls/Materials from the University of Southern Illinois-Edwardsville. His previous experience includes holding the positions of R&D Engineer/Owner (with GenAcc, LLC) and Sales Engineer (with Eserv, a Perot Systems Company).

“I hope to have a project management approach as the engineering manager with intentions to be well-versed in all our projects to get them completed in a timely manner,” Holcomb said.  “The history is pretty strong here with patents and innovative new products for the market. It will definitely be interesting and exciting to go beyond the fuel dispensing equipment market, working with new companies we acquire.”

Holcomb said it will be important to integrate the business units Husky has added in recent years so that each gets the proper amount of attention. He indicated the company has several new products under development involving a number of Husky Corporation operating divisions.

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