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Wednesday, August 14th, 2013
Revolutionary Flexibility, Durability in Premium JacRiser Aviation Hose

(Pacific, MO) – Hewitt, a leading manufacturer of aviation fueling products, hoses, and accessories, now delivers the state-of-the art solution to carry aviation fuel to movable service platforms and lift decks. The new Hewitt 5500 Premium JacRiser has twice the flexing durability and is much easier to use than competing products, making it ideal for any application where flexible hose is needed to load or unload petroleum products.


JacRiser platforms that refuel commercial aircraft require top performance and reliability to meet the demands of unrelenting schedules. Hewitt’s 5500 Premium JacRiser hose meets the challenge with unmatched strength and flexibility, passing tests that replicated more than 124,000 cycles of a moving JacRiser platform connected to an aircraft fueling vehicle. Other JacRiser hose models fail at just 64,000 cycles of the same test.

Aviation ground fuel handlers and Refueler manufacturers will find Hewitt 5500 Premium JacRiser easier to bend, install, and handle than competing models. The key is innovative high quality construction that includes a black nitrile synthetic rubber tube and neoprene static dissipating/static conductive synthetic rubber cover. Hewitt’s 5500 Premium JacRiser is reinforced with spiral-plied synthetic fiber and a nylon breaker with dual wire helix construction.

Hewitt 5500 JacRiser hose is available in two, three, and four inch diameters. It can be used with jet fuel, Avgas, or any other petroleum product, providing an ideal solution for use at fuel farms and docks where high volume operations demand a hose that is rugged, reliable and flexible. Hewitt 5500 JacRiser is also suitable for full vacuum services.

Incredible flexing durability means years of continuous safe operation. Hewitt 5500 JacRiser hose meets EI 1529 (6th edition), European Standard EN ISO 1825 (Type E), and NFPA 407 certification standards. It functions in temperatures ranging from -40oF to 180o F. All hoses are 100 percent hydrostatic tested to 600 PSI and inspected for electrical continuity. Every Hewitt hose receives a unique serial number and a test certificate.

Regardless of the application, it is always good practice to routinely inspect aviation fueling hose assemblies to assure continued safe operation.

For more information contact Hewitt, a division of Husky Corporation: A Breed Apart.

Visit the Husky Corporation website at Husky.com

About Hewitt®, a Division of Husky Corporation, – Hewitt is a leading manufacturer of aviation fueling products, specializing in the supply of qualified aviation hoses and accessories. Depend on Hewitt for high-performance solutions that serve the demanding public and private aviation industries. Hewitt is a division of Husky Corporation, the leading provider of American-made fuel nozzles, safe-t-breaks, accessories, oil filter crushers, tank-monitoring alarm systems used primarily in above ground storage tanks, and liquid level tank gauges. With headquarters and manufacturing operations in Pacific, Missouri (in the metro St. Louis area), Husky is a reliable partner with our valued customers every step of the way committed to providing petroleum-dispensing products that always exceed customer expectation.

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