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Tuesday, April 28th, 2015
Safe and Efficient Solutions for Transporting Liquid Chemicals

Moving large volumes of liquid chemicals is a demanding task that must be accomplished quickly and efficiently. But above all: Safely. It represents the life blood for chemical and pharmaceutical companies, which require loading systems to transfer their important products to customers in the safest manner possible. For example what is the best way to load phenol, or carbolic acid, for transport by railcars to customers? One solution is to install a single RS Liquid Loading Arm, capable of moving 180 degrees so it can top-load two side-by-side railcars using a single hose assembly.

RS Liquid Loading Arm: Simple Design

Here is why RS Liquid Loading Arms represent such an attractive solution. Unlike expensive swivel and pipe alternatives, the SGA loading arm provides a more cost efficient solution that enhances the safety and ease of transferring liquid chemicals between stationary storage and transportation vessels. The key lies in the SGA Loading Arm design, which permits ergonomic handling of heavy hose lines up to 20 feet long by a single operator. A series of stainless or galvanized steel sections — engineered to support the entire weight of the product and hose assembly – are connected with maintenance-free swivels to create a flexible mechanism for easy mobility. At the same time, the design makes it impossible to damage hoses by bending them beyond their safe limits.

Less Work; Better Results

Operators simply move the loading arm into position, connect the hose assembly for either top or bottom loading of tankers or railcars, then uncouple the assembly and move the loading arm into its storage position. Height adjustment features are available to raise and lower the end coupling to different connecting heights. A single loading arms can also be designed to handle more than one hose assembly simultaneously. Husky Corporation is the authorized U.S. representative for RS SGA Loading Arms and couplings. Contact us today to build and assemble one inch to four inch ID hose assemblies for your firm’s specific needs.

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