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Sales Personnel:

Mike Ellrich:
Central Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 636-825-7224

Joe Laschke:
National Sales Representative, Enevo & Benecor
Phone: 636-825-7231
Mobile: 636-388-5055

Grenny Sutcliffe:
Vice President of Sales
Phone: 636-825-7270
Mobile: 530-305-2302

Theodore Sutcliffe:
Western Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 636-825-7268
Mobile: 314-856-2807

Ray Dugan:
Central Great Lakes and Eastern Canada Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 636-692-8147

Tony Aumiller:
East Coast Regional Sales Manager
Phone: 636-692-8149

Bill Lesser:
Global Aviation Manager
Phone: 636-825-7263
Mobile: 913-777-8777

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