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Saturday, December 15th, 2018
St. Louis Business Journal: Husky’s G.G. Sutcliffe Lives with Gusto

How’s this for starters?

“Before he was 25, Sutcliffe, who goes by G.G., got kicked out of two colleges, worked at a ski lodge in Switzerland, traveled to Greece, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, talked his way into Officers Candidate School and a rank of second lieutenant by claiming to speak French, German and Arabic (in truth, he knew enough to curse and order a beer), and served in U.S. special operations in Laos and Vietnam, with fierce fighting and heavy troop loss in Khe Sanh.”

That’s the beginning of a St. Louis Character story on Husky Corporation’s president, which appeared in the St. Louis Business Journal. We are offering a link to the entire article here, as usually a subscription is needed for this publication. Here are a few pictures of the photo shoot by the publication. They also recorded a few video comments, which we will share when available.

We  hope you find this article as interesting as we did. One quote about G.G. Sutcliffe we found particularly insightful is this: “He’s smart as a whip, persistent, innovative and fearless, as anyone who has competed with him in business or sport knows.”


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