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Impregnation of castings used in Husky product has been a necessary sub contracted process to ensure that castings are pressure and leak tight while in service. As a result of our Lean Initiative a significant manufacturing improvement has been brought on line within Husky. A Loctite impregnation system was purchased and became operational in the fourth quarter of 2007. This process seals microscopic leak paths (porosity) in castings that can form during the die cast or sand cast process. The process subjects the castings to a self sealing resin bath while under vacuum. This action causes the resin to be drawn into the microscopic leak paths. The resin cures in the absence of air after which the castings are rinsed and ready for assembly.

With the process brought in house it has significantly reduced product queue time which was typically two days when parts were sent off site. Parts now literally move across the aisle for the impregnation process and can be assembly ready in less than an hour. In addition any quality issues are identified immediately and corrective action initiated as appropriate. This manufacturing improvement is another milestone in Husky’s corporate goal of shipping today’s orders tomorrow.

For further information or questions about this manufacturing improvement please contact Joe Laschke Husky Technical Service Representative at jlaschke@husky.com or our customer service department at 636-825-7200.

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