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Husky 5812 Single Use Safe-T-Break
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Increased separation force for Husky 5812 1" Single Use Safe-T-Break

The Husky model 5812 1" single use Safe-T-Break has been redesigned to raise the separation pull force from less than 300 pounds to less than 350 pounds. This product enhancement is a result of customer feedback requesting a single use breakaway that can withstand nuisance separations at stations experiencing high system pressures and/or high hydraulic hammer effects during regular fueling operations.

Safe-T-Breaks that are manufactured to the new specification will have the separation pull force laser marked on the side of the unit underneath the scuff guard. The 350 pound versions can also be identified by counting the number of shear pins in the unit. The new 350 pound version has a total of 4 shear pins equally spaced around the Safe-T-Break while the previous design (300 pound version) had only 3 shear pins.

New style 4 pin version Old style 3 pin version


For further information or questions about this product enhancement please contact Joe Laschke Husky Technical Service Representative at jlaschke@husky.com or our customer service department at 800-325-3558

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