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Model 5 Balanced Nozzle New Guard
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User instructions on Model 5 Balanced Nozzles

A product enhancement has been introduced this month on our current line of Model 5 balanced vapor recovery nozzles. The enhancement is the addition of user instructions silk screened on the top of the full grip hand guard. These instructions are designed to aid customers new to using interlock style nozzles in the correct insertion method necessary to engage the interlock feature and begin fuel flow. The warning information is now printed on the left side of the scuff guard.

The interlock feature is not new and has been standard on all Husky balanced versions of vapor recovery nozzles. This feature requires that the bellows assembly be compressed approximately one half inch to engage the interlock feature and the rear of the nozzle tilted down in order to lock the spout ring in the vehicles fill neck prior to dispensing fuel (as pictured below).

This product enhancement is designed to reduce the "customer learning curve" that is sometimes encountered with the introduction of interlock balanced vapor recovery nozzles in areas new to these types of nozzles.

For further information or questions about information in this technical bulletin please contact, Joe Laschke, Husky Technical Service Representative at jlaschke@husky.com or our customer service department at 800-325-3558.

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