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New Husky 5885 Pressure/Vacuum Vent Valve
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Husky Corporation is pleased to introduce our new Phase One EVR approved pressure/vacuum vent valve. Three precision valve assemblies are at the core of our vent valve design. The first overpressure valve is diaphragm operated giving 10 times more sealing force than gravity devices. It consistently opens at 2.5-6” of water column (WC) pressure. The safety overpressure valve is designed to handle high pressure/ high flow conditions. This valve will vent at a rate of 7900 SCFH @ 2 psi. The vacuum valve is also diaphragm operated and provides 10 times more sealing force than gravity devices. It consistently opens at 6”-10” of water (WC) vacuum. An internal wire mesh screen is incorporated into the design of the 5885 vent valve to protect the pressure plate in the event of an improper bulk drop.

The Husky 5885 is the only CARB approved Phase One EVR vent valve available for use in California. The valve is identified with yellow colored labels one of which boldly identifies the vent valve as EVR approved.

Our 4885 and 4620 pressure/vacuum vent valves are approved for non-EVR phase one systems and are identified with green colored labels. This color coding method makes vent valve identification easily determined from ground level.

The 5885, 4885 and 4620 pressure/vacuum vent valves meet the new EPA standards outlined in 40 CFR Part 63 [EPA-HQ-OAR-2006-0406, FRL-8684-8] RIN 2060-AM74 National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Source Category: Gasoline Dispensing Facilities.

The 5885, 4885 and 4620 pressure/vacuum vent valves are designed and factory tested to perform at less than 1/3 the allowable leak rate as defined by CARB test method CP-201. This lower leak rate allows up to three pressure vent valves to be installed within one system. It should be noted that during peak fueling hours at high output fueling stations (without phase two vapor recovery) low flow rate issues may be experienced due to an increase in negative pressure in one or more of the UST/AST’s. To ensure peak flow rate performance in this situation it is recommended that the UST/AST’s be manifold together with three pressure vent valves. This configuration will allow greater responsive venting to the negative pressure that develops within the station’s UST/AST’s during peak fueling times.

To review the CARB approval letter concerning the new Husky 5885 including the applicable executive orders you can find it here:

For further information or questions about this product offering please contact Joe Laschke Husky Technical Service Representative at jlaschke@husky.com or our customer service department at 800-325-3558

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