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V34 Field Repairs and Troubleshooting
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CAUTION: Do not top off! Topping off can lead to spills and splashes.


1. Remove the clamp securing the Vapor Guard to the nozzle using a pair of end cutting nippers.

2. Slide the Vapor Guard off the spout

3. Loosen and remove the spout retaining nut using a suitable wrench

4. Remove the spout with its vent tube from the nozzle body using a slight twisting motion

5. Replace the square inner spout seal in the end of the nozzle body

6. Slip the spout retaining nut over the new spout, insert the spout gland into the nozzle body with the vent tube aligned with the vent tube hole. Using a slight twisting motion seat the spout into the nozzle body. There will be a slight resistance to the twisting of the spout if the vent tube in installed correctly. Thread the spout retaining nut onto the body.

7. Hold the spout straight and tighten the spout retaining nut

8. Put a new clamp on the Vapor Guard and slide it over the spout

9. Make sure THE SMALL HOLE in the Vapor Guard is located on THE BOTTOM of the nozzle

10. Tighten the clamp firmly so that the Vapor Guard will not rotate

11. Test the nozzle before returning to service

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