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New Cold Weather 1+10 Nozzle

Husky Corporation has received Underwriters Laboratories (CUL) approval for a new cold weather 1+10 nozzle. The new cold weather nozzle meets the requirements of UL-842 valves for flammable liquids and is designed to operate in temperatures down to -40F(-40C). As a point of reference standard 1+10 nozzles are designed to operate in temperatures down to -15F (-26C). This nozzle successfully passed UL’s testing criteria which included both leak and endurance tests. Husky also conducted actual field testing with customers in Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska resulting in very positive performance.

These nozzles are compatible with blended fuels having up to 10% ethanol. The new cold weather nozzles are available in all traditional 1+10 and 1+10s configurations.For further information or questions about this new product offering please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-325-3558 or Joe Laschke Husky Technical Service.

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