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Technical Bulletin

V3 Field Repairs and Troubleshooting

CAUTION: Do not top off! Topping off can lead to spills and splashes. The spout assembly and the plastic body covers are field replaceable.


1. Loosen and remove the spout retaining nut using a suitable wrench.

2. Remove the spout with its inner fuel tube/vent tube assembly and spacer from the nozzle body using a slight twisting motion.

3. Replace the square inner spout seal in the end of the nozzle body.

4. Insert the new inner fuel tube/vent tube assembly into the nozzle body, use care to make sure that the protrusion on the inner fuel tube/vent tube assembly aligns with the small hole at the top of the attitude support. Using a slight twisting motion, push in the tube assembly.

5. Slide the metal washer over the inner fuel tube/vent tube assembly.

6. Install the spout spacer and a new outer spout seal. CAUTION: The outer seal fits in the nozzle body; not on the spout.

7. Slide the external spout over the inner fuel tube/ assembly.

8. Slip the spout nut over the new spout. Thread the spout nut onto the nozzle body.

9. Hold the spout straight and tighten the spout nut. Test the nozzle before returning to service.


1. Remove the old body cover from the nozzle body.

2. Slip the new body cover replacement over the spout and pull it back to cover the entire nozzle.

3. If using a regard kit use the tie supplied, attach the rear of the body cover to the hole inlet of the nozzle looping the tie through the eyelets provided in the body cover. Pull tight and trim off excess be flush.


Problem Remedy
Nozzle keeps shutting off. Slow down fuel delivery. Put on low or middle notch.
Nozzle won’t shut off.

1. Replace nozzle immediately.

2. Check fuel system for debris

3. See Spout Replacement Instructions if spout has been replaced.