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Monday, August 31st, 2015
Technology to Keep

There are many ways to keep track of  inventory. Some are much better than others, since running out of inventory causes costly downtime and lost sales. Oil and Lube businesses that need real-time information about their on-site storage tanks now have a better way to improve operations.

Simple Sonic Technology Tracks Tank Levels

The CTS Sonic Tank Monitor system from BJE tracks liquid levels for oil, waste oil, diesel fuel, antifreeze and other fluids with a low flash point. CTS utilizes a simple sonic range finder that constantly measures the liquid levels of tanks up to 300 inches deep. The information is relayed using a wireless RF transmitter to a receiver that can be up to 120 feet away, which eliminates the need for data cables.
Information from as many as six tanks can be connected to one CTS system. The weather-proof CTS transmitters and internal tank transmitters can be connected directly to a power source.
“The CTS Sonic Tank Monitor is an affordable solution for high volume oil and lube businesses with several tanks at their location. They will get a steady flow of information and will know exactly how much inventory they have on hand at all times,” said Roger Wiersma, BJE Product Engineer.
CTS is accurate on level measurements within one centimeter, plus or minus 10 percent. In addition, the programmable CTS will sound an alarm if liquid levels reach or exceed a point that requires action. Contact BJE at 1-800-325-7200 for more information.
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