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Monday, January 4th, 2016
Test Case: Husky Nozzles to the Rescue

Reliability is a must in highly competitive industries. Customers simply expect nozzles to work when they are refueling their vehicles. If for some reason a nozzle doesn’t work, that could be all it takes to send a customer down the street to a competitor the next time.

Husky manufacturer’s representative Bill Fritts of Jack Pittman & Associates, Inc. learned of a situation where a territory manager responsible for nearly 200 service stations had been experiencing a high failure rate using nozzles supplied by a Husky Corporation competitor.

“It was a problem with handles being stuck open. The nozzle has an automatic shut off, inside the handle, which allows you to auto-fill your car.  Let’s just stay those had not been working correctly,” Fritts said.

Successful Test Site Using Husky Hanging Hardware

Fritts suggested the territory manager try Husky nozzles and related hanging hardware as a way to reduce or eliminate the failure rate. He agreed to set up a test location, which after almost 11 months did not have even one failure with a Husky nozzle. Meanwhile his other locations continued to have a high failure rate using the competing product.

“He also said several of his colleagues had been watching the test with great interest and then decided to install Husky products at some of their locations,” Fritts said.

The customer is using Husky XS pressure-activated automatic shut-off nozzles with three notch hold open clips and waffle splash guards. The nozzles are paired with Husky Standard Safe-T-Breaks and swivels, plus EagleFlex Premium Hardwall Gasoline Pump Hose and Whip Hose.

“That customer told us ‘Husky has a quality nozzle. It’s a great product’,” Fritts said.
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