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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015
The New Standard

The petroleum dispensing industry is moving full speed ahead with many changes devised to address the blending of higher concentrations of ethanol into the U.S. gasoline supply. In particular, UL has restricted the safety standards for fuel nozzle valves to account for the effects of ethanol on construction, materials and performance. The standards took effect last April 30, 2015.

“The new standards seek to make sure the equipment is up to par with the introduction of increased ethanol content in various gasoline blends,” says Rob Brown, Husky Corporation engineering manager. 

“Standards are continuously reviewed and upgraded, and they can be tightened up as we understand more about safety issues” states John Dregenberg, UL engineer and consumer safety director.

Behind the New Standard

Scientists agreed that higher concentrations of ethanol increase the corrosive impact on rubber and soft metals. On almost 40 components that makes up a fuel nozzle, those that come in contact with fluid have been inspected and the test protocols for UL 2586 and UL 2586A are quite stringent.

“Fifteen to twenty-five percent ethanol content wreaks havoc on elastomers and plastics. Testing showed that elastomers formed from nitriles would not be suitable in most instances. However, a more stout material like a fluorocarbon or a fluorosilicone could withstand the degradation,” says Jerry Mahn, Husky Corporation product designer engineer.

UL 157

Another ethanol-related change involves the UL 157. It lays out the certification requirements for rubber components in gaskets and seals. “The gaskets are very important in the standard; if they go bad, you have leakage of flammable liquid. That is something everyone wants to make sure does not happen,” UL’s Dregenberg says.

For more information about Husky’s reliable fueling products, contact us at (800) 325-3558 or shoot an email to sales@husky.com.

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