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Wednesday, September 27th, 2017
The Story of S.U.R.&R: Vehicle Fluid Line Repair Solutions

Husky Corporation’s acquisition in 2016 of S.U.R.&R. a leading supplier of fuel, brake, air conditioning and transmission fluid line repair kits, along with specialty tools used within the automotive aftermarket industry, is part of the company’s strategy to serve customer needs in the broader transportation sector.

S.U.R.&R. was founded in 2000 by Joseph Wathey who developed innovative technology to provide fuel line replacement kits that are safe, easy to use and reduce repair costs. The company also offers kits for repairing and replacing air conditioning, brake, coolant, and transmission lines as well as specialty tools including brake line flaring tools, fuel injection cleaners, fuel pressure testers, hose clamp kits, and brake bleeder removal kits.

Here is a new video that shows more of the S.U.R.&R. story and company focus.

Contact S.U.R.&R. at 1-800-390-3996 for more information or visit https://surrauto.com/ to learn more about the company’s innovative solutions to help vehicle service professionals save time and money on fluid line repairs.

Within the past several years, Husky has acquired BJE (oil and lube products) and Hewitt (aviation fueling products). In addition, the company has formed strategic partnerships or alliances with Enevo (logistics optimization systems) and RS (liquid loading arms).

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