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Monday, May 11th, 2015
UL Standard Requires Pressure Activated or Interlock Device for UL Listed Nozzles
With safety as a primary consideration, UL 2586 incorporated a requirement that meets a concern of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Fuel nozzles with a latch-open device manufactured on or after April 30, 2015 must either be pressure-activated or come with an interlock device. If the nozzles are not equipped with pressure activation or an interlock device they cannot be used in applications where a UL mark is required. The main purpose of this requirement is to prevent accidental discharge of fuel if the nozzle stays latched-open when the dispenser is activated.

Understanding the Concept of “Pressure Activated”

Starting from the hose, pressure is released to activate the nozzle. As soon as the dispenser is turned on, the hose becomes pressurized and the main poppet valve opens; fueling can start with a squeeze of the lever. Once the pressure is alleviated from the hose, the dispenser shuts off and no fuel is dispensed from that moment. This ensures safety as the release of highly flammable liquid will be prevented.

The Interlock System

A nozzle with an interlock system requires more than just squeezing the lever for the main poppet valve to open. A bellow or boot, which in certain nozzle types covers the spout, needs to be pushed back before squeezing the lever. Only after adding this extra step will the main poppet valve begin to dispense fuel. 
The leader in providing high quality fueling products, Husky Corporation has incorporates these two safety mechanisms in various nozzle models to meet the UL 2586 standard and to ensure that all customers and their clients remain safe while fueling. For more information on Husky’s innovative fueling products, contact us at (800) 325-3558 or send an email to sales@husky.com
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