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Thursday, September 16th, 2021
Under Water? Here are Husky Corporation’s Recommendations for Hanging Hardware Inspection After a Flood

Weather can wreak havoc on fueling stations. Thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes that cause flooding are real problems for petroleum dispensing facilities. If your operation has been affected by high water, Husky Corporation reminds you that proper inspection of hanging hardware is important to ensure everyone’s safety before returning to operation.

Fuel dispensing equipment that has been submerged during storms can become damaged. After the water recedes, it is important to thoroughly inspect the equipment to make sure it will operate safely. Any fueling site where equipment has been partially or entirely underwater should conduct thorough inspections.

Key guidelines to use during the hanging hardware inspection process

  • Hoses (whip and curb) should be cleaned and inspected. Replace the hose if there is corrosion on the fittings. Replace the hose if there are cracks, delamination, kinks, tears, or punctures.
  • Breakaways and swivel/Safe-T-Break combos should be cleaned and inspected. Replace the breakaway if there is corrosion around where the male end is inserted into the sleeve. Mag-Breaks® should be separated and inspected for any corrosion or debris and then reconnected.
  • Swivels should be cleaned and inspected. Replace the swivel if there is corrosion in or around any of the joints. Replace the swivel if it doesn’t rotate freely or if the rotation feels gritty.
  • Nozzles should be replaced if they have been partially or completely submerged. Any nozzles that have not been underwater should be cleaned and inspected. If there is debris or damage inside the spout or vent tube opening, the nozzle should be replaced.
  • When checking the equipment by flowing fuel, if it is apparent there has been water inside the hose or nozzle, replace all the hanging hardware.

For any equipment that remains in service, it is recommended to re-evaluate the equipment every month to inspect for any flood-related damage or corrosion that may have grown over time.

Please contact your Husky distributor if replacement equipment is needed. If you have questions or concerns about your equipment, please contact Husky’s Technical Service Engineer Paul Nilsen at (636) 825-7213 or pnilsen@husky.com. Husky Customer Service is also available for any questions you may have at (800)325-3558.

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