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Thursday, June 8th, 2017
Why Efficiency is Critical for Distributors – and How to Get an Edge

Distributors want to schedule their deliveries when customers need products. Going before the customer really needs it is inefficient. Going after the customer has run out is unacceptable.

Santie Oil Company is one lubricants company that has taken steps to see that their deliveries are as efficient as possible. Santie utilizes the Enevo logistics optimization system to remotely monitor how their customers are doing across a large service area — with a high level of efficiency.

“It’s a plug and play system. You activate it. You put it in. And it works. That’s huge for us,” said Robbie Sims, General Manager, Santie Oil.

“With Enevo, we can watch the product flow, then we can schedule our deliveries around that. With everything we have to do in this position, efficiency is the key,” said Bryan Montgomery, Manager, Santie Oil. “It’s really easy to scroll through and see first thing if there’s anything that’s going to be an emergency, or if we need to go off route, or if we have to allocate one of our drivers to something that’s completely different than we would normally do.”

“It has made our lives so much easier on the service side and on the reporting side. It’s night and day. It really is,” Sims said.  “It was a good decision to go with Enevo. I think we’ve set 50 or 60 of these monitors. We’ve had no issues. And we look forward to putting more out in the field.”
This short video describes the efficiency Santie gets from using the Enevo system.

There are other advantages Santie has realized since converting to Enevo – including simple installation, more reliable service and information that is available to dispatchers at-a-glance. More information about Enevo is available at http://www.husky.com/enevo/

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