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Thursday, March 23rd, 2017
Why Your Fuel Marketing Business Needs Tank Monitoring

For as long as many fuel marketers can remember, the idea behind remote tank monitoring has been self-evident. Remote tank monitoring is based on discrete sensors installed on above-ground tanks to measure and wirelessly transmit fill level data. Dispatchers then make daily use of fill level data for optimal load and route planning. However, the direct and indirect benefits of wireless tank monitoring are more complex than one might think at first glance.


Minimizing remote delivery runs is part of any well-managed fuel distribution operation. Not surprisingly, cost efficiency is the main driver behind remote tank monitoring investments. However, for any fuel marketer, eliminating customer run-outs is mandatory. Tank monitoring solutions can solve both these challenges when used with tanks that are either very remote or support critical customer operations.

With Enevo, the tank monitoring value proposition is based on reliability and ease-of-use

There are also significant secondary benefits of remote tank monitoring. Monitoring tanks for theft or contract-breach can yield unexpected savings. Also, the forecasting abilities of remote tank monitoring enable insight to customer operations as well as predictability of delivery needs. The piece of mind of wireless tank monitoring can also help growing call-in customers towards longer-term contracts.

For fuel marketers actively looking to improve their operational efficiencies, tank monitoring solutions are a game-changer. However, service reliability and ease-of-use play a significant role in making the investment successful. To find out more about what Enevo can offer your business, see www.husky.com/enevo.com or call Joe Laschke at +1-(636)-388-5055.

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