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Thursday, January 8th, 2015
BJE Takes Tank Monitoring Alarms to a New Level

BJE, the division of Husky Corporation which is the leading manufacturer of tank-monitoring alarm systems, is proud to offer products that make liquid level tracking effortless no matter the application. One such product is the FNTM Drum Gauge which measures level intervals of oil, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, and other non-explosive liquids. Another offering is the 55 Gallon Drum Alert, an enhanced stand-alone monitor that delivers an audible and visual alert when the 55 gallon drums require attention.


55 Drum Alert

The tedious task of constantly checking whether 55 gallon drums need attention is eliminated by BJE’s Drum Alert. For businesses that rely on key fluids to keep operating, it is crucial to have a hassle-free way of checking and monitoring the fluid levels. The Drum Alert will sound an alarm and provide a visual signal when the fluid reaches a critical low or high level. Although consumers must take note that this Drum Alert is not recommended for liquids with a specific gravity that is less than .85. Features and Benefits of the 55 Drum Alert:

• Rotating housing for best viewing orientation

• Vented design

• Simple installation

• 9-volt battery provided

• 2 plus year battery life

• Less expensive than comparable monitors


FNTM Drum Gauge

The FNTM is specifically engineered to monitor liquid intervals for standard 55 gallon metal drums. By utilizing capacitor technology, the battery-operated device stays in sleep mode until the display is activated by someone touching the device. If the liquid level falls below five percent, a siren sounds and an LED light illuminates until a technician de-activates the alarm and takes action. The FNTM is a great solution for automotive repair facilities that require more information than high or low level alarms deliver.

Features and Benefits of the FNTM Drum Gauge:

• Waterproof, self-contained housing that ensures no contamination happens.

• AA battery powered (and provided)

• Touch gauge sides to activate LEDs

• Low battery alert

• 2-plus year battery life

• Simple Installation

For more information about these tank monitoring alarms and their advantages, visit the BJE section of Husky’s website.

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