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Monday, July 15th, 2019
Enhanced Conventional Fuel Nozzle Makes Its Mark

Among the many fueling nozzles available from Husky Corporation is a light weight option that is loaded with features many customers will find attractive. The Eco Nozzle is an enhanced conventional nozzle with a shut-off mechanism that stops fueling when the spout leaves the fill pipe or gets out of the tank. The Econ Nozzle is engineered with a unique internal interlock device that requires just a light amount of force to engage when customers begin fueling.

The mechanics of interlock nozzles, along with standard and pressure-actived nozzles, are explained in this Husky Corporation Technical Bulletin https://www.husky.com/technical-information/pressure-activatedinterlock-nozzles/.  Interlock nozzles from Husky (including the Eco Nozzle) feature a bellow or boot on the spout. It must be pushed back before squeezing the lever will open the main poppet valve and allow fuel to flow. If the bellow or boot is not pushed back, the nozzle will exhibit a limp/dead lever condition.  A key feature of the Eco Nozzle is that the design requires the lightest insertion force of any safety interlock operated nozzle.

Other features make the Eco Nozzle easy to use for fueling customers. A two-piece lever is ADA compliant and requires half the force to open compared to a regular nozzle. And a unique Tilt Poppet regulates the fuel flow more smoothly than in other nozzles, making precise ‘to-the-penny’ dispensing simple every time.

Another important feature of the Eco Nozzle is that it is compliant with California Air Resources Board regulations for drips, spills and liquid retention. Husky calls this a characteristic of a Drip Less spout design. Contact Husky Corporation at 800-325-3558 to get more information.

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