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Tuesday, June 14th, 2016
How the Roman Seliger Hose Loading Arm Works

This field demonstration shows how Roman Seliger Hose Loading Arms make transferring bulk chemicals safe and easy. Husky Corporation is the authorized U.S. representative for RS Hose Loading Arms.

Chemical companies need a better way to deal with bulk liquids that require special handling. 

Hawkins Incorporated in Minnesota uses the Roman Seliger SGA Hose Loading Arm to load and unload hazardous chemicals…safely…simply…quickly.

Bill Lesser, Global RS Manager, Husky Corporation said “The hose is supported entirely by the hose loading arm along all the links. And that allows them to move the whole arm out over the rail car and then place the moveable section over the top of the rail care and pull it down into position and connect it into the rail car.”

“This whole operation can be done with the easy movement of the whole arm. No weight or anything is forced on the operator. So he has very little chance of injury or problems when he is doing the application,” Lesser said.

SGA hose loading arms are custom-engineered for each application…in lengths up to 20 feet. The loading arm installs easily and supports 1 to 4 inch hoses.
“They can either be straight arms with no adjustment. Or we could have vertical adjustment, which is 2 to 4 feet, up or down. Each arm has multiple sections. These sections are all designed to move in the same bend radius as the hose that is specified for the application. Each section has restrictors so you can’t over-bend the hose or kink the hose,” Lesser said. “One of the objectives of this loading arm is to make is so that once the hose is installed you can forget about it. You don’t have to worry about replacing hose every few months due to wear and tear.”

Contact Husky Corproation…the authorized U.S. representative for Roman Seliger SGA Hose Loading Arms by calling 800-325-3558 or at http://www.husky.com/romanseliger/
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