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Tuesday, October 7th, 2014
Monitor Tanks Remotely with the Ultimate in Wireless Technology

PACIFIC, MO – Monitoring liquid levels in storage tanks enters the digital age with Husky Corporation’s revolutionary level measurement solution from Enevo. Husky has established a strategic partnership with Enevo, the leader in level measurement and logistics optimization, to deliver scalable remote level monitoring capabilities. Enevo is the ideal system for oil and petroleum product distributors with multiple locations requiring constant attention.


Optimized Logistics – Affordably Minimizing Surprises and Costs

Enevo’s state-of-the-art sensors intelligently analyze all activities at each tank, developing a pattern of usage and generating an optimized service route for the tanks needing attention. This means the right amount of fuel gets delivered on time with optimized logistics. The service will also enable value-added features such as alarms for theft and leakage.

“This system greatly increases efficiency for distributors. The logic of the routing software will prioritize areas that need immediate attention and even suggest how much product will be needed at each location,” said Joe Laschke, Husky Corporation Technical Service Representative.

The Enevo sensors are extremely durable and designed for harsh environments. The electronics are molded inside a special proprietary mix of polyurethane, a hard rubberlike polymer. Level measurement by Enevo eliminates the time, money, and fuel expended using traditional static, route-based service schedules. Only the tanks requiring attention receive it.

Enevo is based in Finland with offices in the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong and Germany. Enevo’s model is very unique in that it combines the best of ‘Internet of things’, a big data platform, all wrapped-up in a SaaS model. There is no equipment to buy and no up-front capital expenditures. It transforms static and hugely inefficient fuel logistics with a system that is completely dynamic and demand-based.

Wireless Sonar-enabled Sensors Remotely Monitor Tanks
Enevo’s sensors are easy to install and use. Both the hardware and software are reliable and robust. The sensor electronics are molded into urethane and use sonar technology to monitor levels in tanks, transmitting the data over 2G/3G networks. The online dashboard enables desktop and mobile viewing of levels, alerts, forecasts as well as optimal routes for collection or delivery.

Service features include:

  • Reliable, urethane-molded sensor with no contact to measured liquid
  • Easy and quick installation with standard 1.5” and 2” NPT fittings
  • Space-grade lithium batteries with 10+ year battery life
  • Hourly level measurements and reliable trend-based, up-to-the-minute forecasts
  • Web-based operations dashboard with responsive design for both mobile and desktop
  • Replaces static service routes with data-driven, optimal plans

Contact Husky to learn more about the revolutionary Enevo service at
800-325-3558 or sales@husky.com

About Husky: A Breed Apart
For 67 years, Husky Corporation has served as a trustworthy guide, developing breakthrough, American-made fuel nozzles, safe-t-breaks, and accessories, plus relentlessly providing the most dependable customer service in the industry. Headquartered in Pacific, Missouri (in the metro St. Louis area), Husky is committed to provide petroleum-dispensing products that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and reinforce the fact that we are a reliable partner that is with our valued clients every step of the way. Husky continues to grow its reputation as a special-breed innovator with an acquisition strategy designed to add more products and services worthy of the Husky name. In addition to our legendary line of nozzles for vapor recovery, conventional fueling, truck and high volume, farm and commercial, and convenience stores, we now feature curb and farm hoses, oil lube products, plus aviation hoses.

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