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Husky Engineers Design Rapid-Manufacture Ventilator—The Missourian

Husky Corporation in Franklin County develops prototype for ventilator—KMOV News 4

Local manufacturer engineers ventilators to assist in COVID-19 crisis—St. Louis Business Journal

Husky Manufacturing Shifts Production to Make Ventilators—5 Chicago

Local manufacturer hopes for quick FDA approval to make thousands of ventilators—Fox2 Now

St. Louis Character: Husky’s G. G. Sutcliffe lives with gusto

Maybe Grenville George Sutcliffe hasn't done it all in his 74 years, but he's done one heck of a lot of it.

Material Handling: Plant Enhances Loading/Unloading Operations

Installing a hose arm improves efficiency and safety.
Handling liquid bulk materials can pose substantial hazards. Indeed, in 2008 when the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) proposed recommended best practices for loading and unloading operations [1], it noted “roughly one-quarter to one-half of all serious hazardous materials incidents may be associated with loading and unloading operations involving bulk packaging such as cargo tank motor vehicles (CTMV) and rail tank cars.” That report indicated the number of incidents had “remained relatively unchanged over the last ten years.”

Little Problems can Turn into Big Challenges when Operators Skip out on Proper Maintenance at the Forecourt.

One of the most fundamental ways to make sure the forecourt is running at peak performance is for operators to commit to a testing, maintenance and inspection regimen for all hanging hardware. For example, Husky Corporation includes a checklist of important daily, monthly and annual items in the installation instructions for the company’s general fueling products.

Taking Control: Tips for Constantly Improving Your Operations

Bottlenecks. Those are the clogs, the hang-ups or the choke-points which are problems for any business. Companies in the growing liquid recycling industry, which vary tremendously by size, scope and sector, are no different. In order to improve operations all companies must properly deal with their bottlenecks. Identifying the bottleneck itself is a critical first step because it is costing the operation money.

Case Study: Creative Thinking Produces Turnkey Solutions

Creative thinking, coupled with well-designed products, often combine to solve the myriad tank monitoring situations that arise in the oil and lube industry. For example, customers frequently need a convenient and safe way to move liquid waste products to storage tanks without interrupting work taking place inside the shop.

Nozzles Get Ready for Enhanced Ethanol Blends

The petroleum dispensing industry is moving full speed ahead with several changes designed to address the blending of higher concentrations of ethanol into the U.S. Gasoline supply. In partiulcar, UL has tighted up safety standards for fuel nozzle valves to account for the effects of ethanol on construction, materials and performance.

Lending lines: Traditional loans fuel growth for nozzle maker

Having a clean balance sheet — and a longstanding relationship with a well-respected business bank — carries a lot of weight when a small business seeks additional capital, according to Husky Corp. Executive Vice President Brad Baker.

UL Approves Husky® Standard VIII Nozzles and Accessories for Biodiesel Blends

Pacific, MO—UL®, the global independent agency that tests, inspects, and validates products for safety, recently certified the Husky® Corporation VIII Heavy Duty Diesel Automatic Nozzle, 5812 Safe-T-Brake®, and 4860 swivel for use with biodiesel fuel blends.

Husky Corporation shows off robot refueling system

Husky Corporation, a Pacific-based manufacturer of fuel nozzles and accessories, demonstrates the Fuelmatics Automated Refueling System.

Robogas? Pacific company’s robotic fuel pump fills the tank while you sit in your car

PACIFIC • A local company wants to make pumping gas as easy as buying a burger in the drive-through lane. Husky Corp., a manufacturer of fuel nozzles and accessories, is working on a robotic fuel pump that fills gas tanks without drivers’ setting foot outside the car. It hopes to have the equipment installed on some local gas pumps in six to nine months.

Robotic gas pumps will likely come to St. Louis

PACIFIC, MO (KTVI)– If you don`t like getting out of your car to pump gas, then the future looks bright for you. That`s because robotic gas pumps could be around the corner in St. Louis. Husky Corporation ( in Pacific, Mo showed us a robotic pump the company helped developed.

Phasing Out Stage II Vapor Recovery: The Paths Vary

One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to deciding what to do about Stage II vapor recovery systems. Since last year, when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) waived requirements to collect vapors at gas stations, states considering whether to allow gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs) to decommission Stage II systems have moved in three different ways—immediately, deliberately or not at all.

New Web Site Puts All Husky Products & Services Just a Click Away

Customer-Focused Design Simplifies Searches for Husky, BJE & Hewitt Products

Husky Corporation recently enhanced its web site for easy access to all information about the company’s industry-leading fuel nozzles and accessories, including those of recently acquired BJE Oil and Lube Products and Hewitt Aviation Fueling Products.

Husky Launches New Web Site

Husky Corporation has enhanced its web site with easy access to information about the company’s fuel nozzles and accessories, including those of recently acquired BJE Oil and Lube Products and Hewitt Aviation Fueling Products.

Husky Corporation Engineering Triage Team

Low Pressure Issue Takes Husky Engineering Triage Team to Nanjing, China

For customers with equipment problems, the most frustrating thing they can hear from the repair engineer is "There is no problem when we test it in the lab. It must be an intermittent issue and those are really tough to diagnose."

Diesel Progress

DEF Nozzles and Accessories

Husky Corp., Pacific, Mo. is offering a variety of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dispensing components including automatic shut-off stainless steel and polymer DEF nozzles plus a line of DEF Safe-T-Breaks, swivels, and adapters. Husky said the designs use 100 percent ISO recognized DEF compatible materials including stainless steel, polymers and O-ring material and all are either UL listed or made with UL recognized components.

NPN Magazine

Fuel Marketers Consider Options for Decommissioning Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems

Since 1994, gasoline retailers in Clean Air Act nonattainment areas have been required to use Stage II vapor recovery systems to address vapor loss at the dispenser nozzle. This built on Stage I rerequirements that addressed vapor issues with the fuel drop.

Petrol Plaza

U.S. Fuel Marketers Begin to Explore Phasing Out Stage II Vapor Recovery

Regions in the United States that are designated ozone nonattainment areas and ozone transport regions are studying how, when and if to allow fuel marketers to decommission Stage II Vapor recovery systems. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ruling that Stage II is no longer cost-effective in cutting air pollution presents opportunities for fuel marketers.

STL Today

Clumsy gas nozzles on their way out in the St. Louis area

For years they have frustrated gasoline retailers and some consumers. Now they’re on the way out. The cumbersome plastic boots used to combat harmful ground-level ozone are already gone from fuel dispensers at a few dozen gas stations in the city of St. Louis and four surrounding Missouri counties, with hundreds more retailers to follow suit in coming months.

Big Change Coming To St. Louis Area Gas Stations

PACIFIC, MO. (KTVI) – A Pacific, MO manufacturer is at the center of big changes coming to St. Louis area gas stations. The plastic sleeves that cover gas pump nozzles will soon be a thing of the past. That’s because newer cars manage to capture fumes that the plastic covers were designed to trap. Husky Corporation boasts of designing the only “all-in-one” product that allows gas stations to switch from the plastic covered nozzles to the traditional ones that will soon return. Brad Baker is the company’s executive vice president. He says existing St. Louis area gas stations can make the switch beginning March 15. New gas stations start using the conventional pumps now.

Husky Acquires Hewitt

Husky Corporation is proud to announce the asset acquisition of Hewitt from GT Sales and Manufacturing in Wichita, KS. Husky Corporation is a manufacturer of petroleum dispensing and tank level monitoring products. Hewitt, also branded Hewitt USA, is a North American manufacturer of aircraft, curb, and farm refueling hose. An overview of Husky’s products / organization can be found at An overview of Hewitt’s products can be found at