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#Sentry DEF OVERFILL Gauges: High/Low Tank Alarms
DEF Sentry Tank Alarm
Sentry Tank Alarm with DEF OVERFILL Tank Gauges, compatible with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
Product Info
Specs / Construction
  • Tank gauge constructed from materials 100% compatible with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).
  • Wall mount tank alarm can be installed up to 350 feet from tank.
  • Built-in 103 decibel siren.
  • Tank alarm includes a push button test switch.
  • Toggle switch to silence the siren.
  • Available with battery or with optional 12-volt transformer.
  • DEF overfill guard tank gauge has durable silk screen painted graphics.
  • Available with field adjustable chain up to 72” (1,828.8 mm).
  • Visi-Glo® level indicator clearly displayed in the large glass window.
  • Easy to use, adjustable sensor for high or low alarm.

Body: Tank Alarm - Weather resistant ABS, Tank Gauge - Large glass housing
Rods: Stainless steel
Fasteners: Stainless steel
Connectors: Acetal
Linkage: Acetal
Float: DEF Compatible Anodized Aluminum
Seals: Flourocarbon
Connections: Tank Alarm - ½” Romex Connector, Tank Gauge - 2” / 50.8 mm NPS threads

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Available DEF Sentry Overfill Tank Alarms
Alarms & Accessories
DEF Sentry Overfill Tank Alarms
Choose …
008668: Audible tank alarm, battery operated, with overfill guard tank gauge with 2” NPS connection
008669: Audible tank alarm, with 12-volt transformer and overfill guard tank gauge with 2” NPS connection
Choose …
008674: DEF Remote Overfill Guard Sensor
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