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#CP12HWGLSV: EagleFlex® Fueling Hoses
Hardwall Curb Hoses
3/4” Hardwall Hose with 3/4'' NPTF permanent external crimp zinc plated steel coupling and one ¾" M NPTF external crimp zinc plated steel swivel coupling
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Specs / Construction
  • All Husky hoses are available at any custom length. Talk to your distributor when making your purchase.
  • Recommended anywhere a hardwall or softwall hose is inappropriate.
  • Recommended for all gasoline and gasoline/Ethanol blends at Ethanol levels designated as “gasohol” (E15 maximum or less), diesel fuel and diesel fuel/biodiesel blends with nominal biodiesel concentrations up to 20% (B0-B20), kerosene and fuel oil (heating oil), leaded and unleaded gasoline.
  • Resistant to crushing and stands up to run-over.
  • Highly resistant to cuts, abrasions, sun and weather.
  • Flexibility of a softwall, durability of a hardwall.
  • Assures accurate readings at the pump.
  • Will not mark or scratch vehicle finishes.
  • Hose material is private branded and UL Listed to UL 330 and CAN/ULC-S612-99.
  • All curb pump hose assemblies are 100% pressure tested, inspected for electrical continuity and sample pull tested.

Tube: Black nitrile
Cover: Green CPE (chlorinated polyethylene), wrap impression
Reinforcement: Multiple textile braids with dual static wire helix
Temperature Range: -40°F to +180°F (-40°C to +82°C)


External crimp zinc swivel 3/4” and 1” male NPT one side, fixed other side (L SV type) or swivel 3/4” male BSPP, fixed NPT other side (L SVB type).

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