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Thursday, January 27th, 2022
The 2022 3G Sunset: What It Means for Remote Tank Level Monitoring

When 3G (third generation) cellular networks arrived on the scene, communication and internet usage would never be the same. For those who remember dial-up telephone modems as revolutionary when they arrived, 3G was the faster/better/safer innovation that made smartphones and remote communications possible. Now, two decades later, 3G is going the way of the rotary phone, as carriers need all the bandwidth they can muster for 4G and even more advanced 5G networks.

All major U.S. wireless carriers will pull the plug on their 3G networks in 2022, but not at the same time:

  • AT&T plans to shut down 3G networks in February.
  • T-Mobile plans to shut down Sprint 3G networks March 31.
  • T-Mobile’s own 3G networks will close by July 1.
  • Verizon said it will end 3G December 31.

Enevo Sensors Affected by 3G Sunset Need to be Replaced

The impact will be felt by devices that solely use 3G networks. One example is wireless liquid level monitoring systems, with sensors that accurately measure and transmit storage tank volumes in real-time over cellular networks. Enevo Logistics Optimization is an industry leader. Since the Enevo WE-008L tank sensors operate on the 3G cellular networks provided by T-Mobile and AT&T all current sensors in service will no longer be able to communicate to Enevo dashboards when these networks are turned off. Here is a summary of what that means for Enevo customers:

  • New sensors and network service contracts will be necessary for customers to continue with the Enevo solution after the 3G sunset
  • New WE-009L sensors will operate on LTE Cat-M1/NB-IoT Network
  • Two pricing models are being offered with new sensor hardware (WE-009L)
    • 100% subscription option – $12.99/month. Minimum contract length 36 months
    • Purchase/subscription option – $210.00 for sensor & $8.50/month. Minimum contract length 36 months
  • The WE-009L sensors should be available in February 2022

Enevo Mitigates Financial Impact of 3G’s Demise

Because the Enevo pricing models are subscription-based, not capital intensive, the budgetary impact will be mitigated.

“Our most popular program is where you pay a single monthly charge, which includes the use of the sensor. So, there’s no real hard out of pocket cost,” said Joe Laschke Husky Corporation’s National Sales Manager for Enevo. “Some competitors make customers buy their hardware up front. So, they must open their wallets for equipment and then pay a monthly fee on top of that. The Enevo service is already superior and is also financially compelling.”

There may be a bit of breathing room for those needing to order and activate new sensors. The Enevo system automatically chooses the strongest signal. So, if AT&T sunsets first in an area where that is the customer’s strongest network, the Enevo system would automatically switch over to the T-Mobile network.

Simple Installation and Activation for New Enevo WE-009L Sensors 

The new sensors will have the same look and easy-to-use functionality. Enevo utilizes an app which installers put on their mobile phone or tablet to make replacing the old sensor – as easy as possible. This app is designed to read the QR codes on both the new and the old sensors to facilitate the change.

Enevo utilizes an app which installers put on their mobile phone or tablet to make replacing the old sensor - as easy as possible.

“The installer will take their phone, hold it up to the old sensor QR code, then hold it to the to the new sensor QR code. And the swap out will be that simple,” Laschke said. “So, they don’t have to make a phone call and talk to technical support. All the original tank and customer data resides on the Enevo cloud dashboard.”

The Enevo customer support team will always be happy to assist with any questions or issues that may arise at 800-325-3558 or by email at sales@husky.com Reach out today to get your new Enevo sensors, which will keep all the advantages of remote liquid level monitoring going for years to come.

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