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Monday, February 9th, 2015
The Husky/Enevo Monitoring System

Enevo is changing the way liquid tanks are being filled today. The game-changing tank monitoring alarms have become easier to access due to the well-planned partnership with Husky Corporation. The scalable monitoring system for liquid storage tanks uses state-of-the-art sensors with sonic technology to not only read liquid levels, but to also record them remotely. This innovation takes fueling products to a new level, by making the fuel supply process easier and cost-effective.

Tank Monitoring Alarm Advantages


The leading global provider of smart logistics, Enevo now brings this wireless tank monitoring system to liquid tank applications. These tank monitoring alarm devices boast the following advantages:

• Smart routing – the system creates an optimized service route which prioritizes which tanks require immediate attention, and which ones do not, so truck routing can be adjusted accordingly. That reduces costs and offers a clear advantage over route-based tank deliveries.

• Demand planning – from the logistics gathered and analyzed, accurate predictions are made on how much liquid will be needed at each location. Delivery trucks know how much fuel each tank will need. That effectively minimizes surprises on the road and saves money at the same time.

• Real-time updates – due to the wireless capacity, monitoring can be done anywhere. The system is then able to react to the spikes in usage and send timely alerts to the dispatcher.

Even in harsh conditions, the Enevo tank monitoring alarm system can accurately measure tank levels. The system makes running an operation smooth, effective, and easy. For more information on this unique product contact Husky at sales@husky.com or at 800-325-3558.

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